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Tutuapp Apk: Step by Step Guide to Download for Android, iOS and PC

Hello, friends, are you looking for an app store which can give you loads of apps and games for free? then you are in your right way. In this article, I am going to share with you about an app called “Tutuapp Apk Android“. This app is famous for providing hack version of popular apps and games. Especially this tutuapp apk app store was being very popular since it is providing the hacked version of Pokemon Go game.

So, Today we are going to know about this tutu app for Android and also how to download this app for iOS, Android and PC. Here we are also providing the APK for this amazing tutu app store, download and install this tutuapp android on your device the following the instructions given below.

Tutuapp apk

This is the best app Store you can see. Tutuapp apk download for Android provides you with the latest version of apps and games and also you can download the hacked versions of the popular games like Clash of Clans, Temple Run etc. In addition to this, you can also get the hack version of the most popular game ever called tutu app Pokemon go. Pokemon go is released in the year 2016, which is a virtual reality game in which we have to hang around the different places to find the Pokemon and we have to walk on the streets find the Pokemon by using our GPS.

About Tutuapp Apk:

Tutuapp apk is just an app store like the other stores available in the market. This app will also consist of some modified versions of some popular apps and games. This app is from China developers and became very popular since they included the hack apk of the Pokemon go game. We all know that how this game became popular in fewer days. Tutuapp download also contains a huge collection of all apps and games available in the market for free. One of the best features is that you can get almost all the apps for free.

tutuapp apk free download

Tutu app store was said to be one of the best app stores and it is attracting the viewers through its very friendly user interface. Here you can download and install any app you want in very short span of time, single tap download is available. You can also get all the premium and pro versions of the apps here. There are lots of features available in this app, which are described below. Following are the features of tutu app, have a look.

Features of tutuapp apk:

So, I hope by reading the above lines you can know about this app and what is the app exactly. If you are still wondering what will be the advantage if I download this app into your device? the answer is here. Below I will give you in detail about the features of the tutu app free download, just take a look below:

  • Download the latest tutuapp Pokemon go hack.
  • Get all the apps and games for free. This app offers all the apps for free.
  • High privacy and security. You don’t need to sign in or give your personal details in the app.
  • Download the app from a single tap. The app is installed on your device.
  •  You can download wallpapers, apps, games, launchers, photo and video editing tools etc., for free.
  • Also, download hacked apps of the popular games like Pokemon go and clash of clans etc.
  • The special feature is that you can send the apps to the other devices too. This option will be an added advantage for the users.
  • Download any app directly on your device anytime, anywhere.
  • No need for internet connection for sharing files between devices. Because it works as a file transferring app just like share it, xender etc.,
  • This app includes a cache cleaner in which you can delete obsolete and junk files whenever you want. It also saves battery, with an inbuilt battery-saving app.

So, these are the features that this app will give you. In my view, this app is a very useful app for all the smartphone users. This app is available for android, ios and PC. But you cannot download the app directly because this app is not available in any app store. Don’t worry, you can download tutuapp apk for all of your devices. You just have to follow the instructions given below.

Download Tutuapp Apk:

So, buddies hope you have got a clear idea about the app and how it works and also what are the features of it. Are you interested in downloading this app? then read the instructions given below. Unfortunately, this app is not available in play store. You have download an apk file and install it on your device. You can download the apk file of tutu app by tapping on the link given below. These are the steps for tutu apk download.

tutuapp apk download

  • Connect your mobile to wifi or Data connection.
  • Now Download the apk file from the link provided below.
  • Wait for the apk file to be downloaded on your device.
  • Click on the file, now tap on “install” from the options.
  • Now your app will be installed on your Device.
  • Open the app and enjoy downloading apps and games for free.

Download Tutuapp Apk for Android:

Tutu app is an app store in which we can install our favourite apps on your device. To download this app firstly you have to download the apk file of the app. Here are the steps to download the tutuapp apk android, also you can download the apk file from here itself.

download tutuapp apk android

Step1: Download the tutuapp apk by clicking on the link.

Step2:  Now an apk file will be installed on your android device.

Step3: Double tap on that file then it will show two options “install” and “cancel”.

Step4: Select and tap on “Install”. Then the app will automatically installed on your Android Device.

Step5: Now, you can open the app.

That’s it, your app is installed on your device, you can use the app on your Android. So, this is the way you can download the app for Android. Follow the steps given above to install the app.

Download Tutuapp Pokemon go hack version:

Friends, as we all know that this tutuapp apk is famous for its best collection of apps and games. This app is providing the modified version of the most popular tutuapp Pokemon go android. This app is recently launched and had a deadly craze for tutuapp Pokemon go update You can see several websites providing the mod apk for this Pokemon go app. But the easiest way to download the app is to download this hack app from tutu app store. Following are the steps to download the tutuapp Pokemon go apk.

tutuapp apk pokemon go

  • Firstly, download this tutu app apk file from the link provided above.
  • Install the app on your device. Once finished tap on the icon to open the app.
  • You can see lots of apps and games to install. Now, click on the search bar within the app.
  • Type “Pokemon Go hack” in it and click on “search”.
  • Select the app from search results and then click on the app tutuapp Pokemon go hack and install it.
  • Well Done! your tutuapp Pokemon Go download is successful on your device.


To download this Pokemon go hacked version app, first, you have to uninstall the original Pokemon Go app from your device.

Steps For Tutuapp iOS Download:

To download tutuapp apk ios, there is the only way is to download tutuapp VIP iosTutuapp VIP is a special feature only for ios users. In this, you have to spend money to get this app. Here are the steps to tutuapp ios download.

tutuapp apk ios

Step1: Visit the official website of the tutuapp “www.tutuappandroid.net” from safari browser on your iPhone or any ios device to download tutuapp iPhone.

Step2: Now, You can see the tutu helper homepage, which shows you the features and other stuff.

Step3: Just click on the Download tab in the top of the website. You will be redirected to the download tutuapp ios page.

Step4: In that page, you can see a QR code. Scan that code using your ios device. Then register with the account and start downloading apps.

Step5: Now the app will be installed on your device successfully.

This is the process to download the tutuapp for your ios. Follow the steps given above to download the app to your any android device. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Download the app and install it on your ios now.

Download Tutuapp PC for Windows Using Bluestacks:

Bluestacks is an android emulator which will enable your Windows PC to download any android app to PC. Now, let us know about How to Download tutuapp PC for Windows. Check out these steps given below to download tutuapp free:

bluestacks tutuapp apk

  • Firstly Download Bluestacks emulator for windows from the official website. www.bluestacks.com
  • Now Install bluestacks on your PC.
  • Now download tutuapp apk from the link given here.
  • Once the file is downloaded, just right click on the app and select “open with” option.
  • In that select “Bluestacks” and your file be opened.
  • Then please click on install. That’s it your app is successfully installed on your Windows PC.

Change the language of tutuapp English:

The language problem occurs for many websites because the developers are from non-English countries. While coming to this tutu app, this is an app created by a Chinese developer. So obviously the website’s interface will be in the Chinese language. This issue will arise to so many people so now we have to download the app in English version only. Firstly you have to visit the app’s official website www.tutuappandroid.net in the chrome. Then it will show the option whether to translate the app or not. Then simply click on Translate, the page will be translated into English. Now you can see this tutuapp in English.

How To Fix Error tutuapp Not Working:

Probably, when you download the apps from third party websites, other than official it is common to get some issues and problems. The following are some of the issues you may get while installing this app or any other app from this device. We have provided the relevant answers to serve you better.

not working tutuapp apk

  • Do errors occur during the installation of the app?

This is may be due to junk files in the app. try clearing cache and junk files. It will work in most of the situation. If not then Uninstall the app and then just re-install the app it will definitely work.

  • “Failed to download” error occurs or the app didn’t get open after installing the app?

This problem persists when your app is used excessively or you may have downloaded lots of apps and thereby cached files increases. Try to clear cache and try again.

  • Will the phone get stuck or Hang?

This error occurs when you download the app on the device which will not meet the app requirements. That means you are using older android version or your memory storage is full etrc., reasons. Please compare the requirements of your device and the app requirements. If you don’t meet the specs then uninstall the app.


So, friends, hope you’re enjoying this app Installed on your Android, ios or Windows PC. Tutuapp is the best app store to install the app loaded with lots of apps and games. The above given are the tutorials to download the tutu app for Android, Windows PC and also for ios. Follow the steps carefully to download the app for your devices. Enjoy downloading all the apps like premium, hacked versions for free. If you like this post share it with us in the comment section of the website. Also, share this post to your social media profiles and let your friends know about this amazing app. Visit our website tutuapp android for more awesome tutorials.

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